A new business name, A new blog

I read somewhere recently that its a great idea to ask for feedback. I can’t remember the article I was reading but it gave an example of a blogger that asked for feedback from his readers when he had only 5 subscribers.

This blog is brand new so I have even less than 5 subscribers but Im going to ask for feedback anyway. On my last blog for eWrite I wrote about developing the apps that we sold and anything related to developing the business online.

Some of the posts that attracted most of the traffic were my posts about trying out things like advertising on Facebook or running mini experiments like logging website traffic with different applications and comparing their results.

So on this blog Im planning on more of the same. I’ll write about developing this new Murrion brand name from scratch and everything that goes with it.

As for the software I’m developing, I am especially interested in methods. I’m using and learning PHP frameworks such as CakePHP and CodeIgniter which anything I create from now on will be based on. I want to use software roadmaps, release dates, collect usage stats and get feedback from users whenever I can.

Does anyone have any recommendations of methods to use for developing a brand, developing software, any books or blogs worth reading?

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