FuelTweet – A Twitter application sharing cheap fuel prices

Introducing Fueltweet, a new Twitter application you can talk to, it’ll tell you the best Petrol or Diesel price in your area.


If you want to know the cheapest spot to fill up in Bishopstown forexample, tweet “@petroltweet Bishopstown” or “@dieseltweet Bishopstown” depending on wether you are looking for Petrol or Diesel prices. It will respond to you a few seconds later with the most up to date and best price it knows in that area.

Its early days for this application so it may not know any prices in your area. It needs to be kept up to date too with current prices so keep it up to date if you can while on your travels. Heres an example of telling the application about the price of petrol in a Texaco garage in Bishopstown; “@petroltweet Texaco in Bishopstown 124.9”.

Cork Open Coffee

Like a lot of great ideas, the idea for this Twitter app came from Corks Open Coffee. John Peavoy and I chatted about the concept and agreed that it would be a useful App. I began using the Twitter API to play around with functionality and create the app. The look and feel, and the input syntax is still evolving, so please give your feedback, good or bad, on how it works.

We have a new site up and running to promote the application, to show people how to use it and to show the best and average Petrol & Diesel prices around at the moment, http://www.fueltweet.com. Its a great design from John Sheahan of Egg Design, a new regular of Cork Open Coffee.

If you have any feedback on the application, whether about the use of it or the information contained within it, please let me know. There are plenty of features coming very soon, the plan is to keep it simple and to give the user information quickly.

Pumps.ie API

Another site Pumps.ie, created by Jonathan Dean has been around for a few years with a great range of fuel pricing data and locations. Jonathan has been good enough to give us early access to their upcoming API so that we will be able to swap information between Fueltweet and Pumps.ie. Check out their free pumps.ie iPhone app too in the iTunes store.

Thank you to all the users on Twitter who have been sending in updated fuel prices so far, keep it up – this is a public service and will become stronger and more useful as you use it more and input more information. Finally, I hope you’re not Tweeting while driving – keep safe and only tweet when you’re stopped and it is safe to do so!

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