Comparing DeployHQ, and for deployments


Name URL Price for 20 projects Pricing page
DeployHQ 15 Euro/month 199 Euro /month 18 Euro/month

I used the above 3 services to deploy the same repository from Bitbucket to the same Digital Ocean droplet, located in Amsterdam, 512mb RAM, Ubuntu 12.04 LAMP stack

Ease of adding a new project and a server to deploy to?

All more or less the same

Does it support SSH key access?

DeployHQ = Yes = Yes = Yes (and no username + password combination allowed)

It is possible to deploy a project to more than 1 server? (handy for testing, pre-production and production servers)

DeployHQ = Yes = Yes = Yes

Is it possible to duplicate deployment settings? (handy when setting up deployments to more than 1 server)

DeployHQ = No. Now they do, using Project Templates. = No = Yes, using shell scripts

Is there a post-deployment email notification or hook? (useful for reporting on deployments)

DeployHQ = Yes, several methods of notification supported =Hipchat and Campfire only = Connects with Hall only as far as I can see

Can I specify a particular branch of a repository to deploy?

DeployHQ = Yes = Yes = Yes

Can exclude files from being deployed? (such as documents, config files etc)

DeployHQ = Yes = Yes = No

Can run commands on the server before and after deployment?

DeployHQ = Yes to both = post-commands only = Yes to both

Supports auto-deployment?

DeployHQ = Yes, by adding a Hook to Bitbucket, = Yes = Yes, by adding a hook to Bitbucket

Shows a preview of the files that will be changed before deployment?

DeployHQ = Yes, optional = Yes, optional, Yes.

Can deployments be rolled back?

DeployHQ = Yes = Doesn’t look like it = Yes

Includes an API for triggering deployments remotely?

DeployHQ = Yes = No = No

Quickest to deploy? seems to be the fastest. seems to be the slowest. However, I was using free accounts for the above testing and there may be priority deployments with paid accounts.

Most cost effective, assuming more than 1 repository:


Nicest interface


Worth noting

Each provider allows for 1 project/repository for free.

DeployHQ and allows you to grant permission to a repository on Bitbucket by adding a deploy key in Bitbucket first. expects to be given access to a list of all repositories on Bitbucket first before choosing one to use. requires that the server has ‘Zip’ installed so that it can copy to the server and then uncompress presumably. doesn’t deploy the files directly to the target folder like deployhq or, it creates a ‘releases’ folder and ‘current’ file  in the target folder and links the ‘current’ to the release in the ‘releases’ folder. This can be used to keep older deployments locally if needed and easily revert back to an earlier deployment if necessary.

None of the above services allow a user to import or export the server settings or a history of deployments to a server, which is something I would really like to have as I sometimes remove a project and I’d still like to retain a log of its history.


  1. Very nice comparison! I’ve just a few corrections / additions:

    * does support email notifications after deployment is done, it’s set up by default. It also supports post deployment web hooks.

    * It is possible to duplicate a server in, it’s called cloning and you can clone a server from any environment/repository in your account in the server creation wizard.

    * Deployments in can be rolled back. Rollbacks are automatically detected and displayed as such. If you use deployment script it can take this into account and change it’s course through %ROLLBACK?% variable. File uploading deployments will rollback as usual.

    * You don’t have to grant access to your GitHub/Bitbucket account through OAuth at all. We support key authentication with 3rd party Git hostings, where you just download the key and add it to your Git hosting provider and we deploy from it. The key can be downloaded in repository connection wizard under “Self-hosted” tab.

    * has 1 free private repository without any limits, DeployHQ has strict limit of 10 deployments per day for free repos.

    Unfortunately regarding deployment speed, it’s very hard to say definitively without knowing the exact deployment scenario / target what would cause the slowness. One thing that could help for FTP is to enable parallel uploading mode. We temporarily have it disabled for SFTP for investigation, but it’s going back on soon. The fact that your server is in Amsterdam and ours are in Chicago is probably also not helping the speed.

    Anyway, thanks for a great post, we’re definitely listening and we’re improving our service thanks to feedback like yours.
    One thing we are going to fix is our public web site, that definitely fails to present all the imporant features that we have.
    We also have some awesome updates coming in the nearest future.

    If you ever decide to give another try, give us a shout if you have any issues or questions. We’re not above getting our hands dirty with the code and fixing the stuff that doesn’t work as it should or as fast as it should.

    A guy working on

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