API’s we have worked with

API’s related to Payments

Stripe, Paypal, WorldpayPayMill,  Realex Payments

API’s related to Communications

Twilio,  Plivo,  Webtext,  EsendexBlackstone,  MailGun,  Sendgrid,  Mandrill

API’s related to Accounting/Payroll

BulletHQ, Sage Micropay,  Kashflow

API’s related to Infrastructure, such as Domain names & hosting

AWS SES, AWS Route53AWS EC2, AWS S3NameCheap, Digital Ocean, Github, BitbucketGoogle Custom Search

API’s related to Social Networks

LinkedinTwitter, Full Contact,  Klout,  RapleafFacebook 

API’s related to the motor industry

Cartell, HPI,  Autodata

Content Analysis

Lymbix ToneAPI, Yahoo Content Analysis, Aylien Text Analysis

Project Management / Organisation

Basecamp, Teamwork, Google Calendar API

Property / Location

4pmGoogle maps, MaxMind GeoIP


BatchBook CRM

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