My side project plans for 2016

Over the past number of years, while starting and working at Murrion Software, I’ve developed many web applications for clients, either as an individual or as part of a team.

During that time, I’ve had a few ideas for useful web applications of my own and started a few side projects along the way, getting a basic MVP going, but I have never really given them any dedicated time.

In 2016, I want to put some dedicated time towards 3 web applications that I personally find useful and want to develop further.  They are:


I’ve received some good feedback on them from early users so I believe there is a small market for them.

I’ll consider these projects a success if I can 1 or 2 paying users using each project.

I’m also using this opportunity to learn a few things including;

  • Use the newly released PHP7
  • I developed early versions of a couple of the apps in Codeigniter and I want to change those to Laravel 5.1 LTS
  • I want to implement Caching, Queuing, load-balancing where appropriate
  • I want to deploy the above to AWS and gain more understanding some of the AWS services, such as AWS’s API Gateway, AWS Lamda and to aim for AWS certification in the near future.
  • I want to learn a little about online marketing, to help promote the 3 apps

Overall, programming is still a hobby I enjoy, even after starting a software company and if all else fails, I’ll enjoy building out these 3 apps. Anyone can do 1!

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